Alpha – City Police /ASP/

Welcome to the official website of OOO Alpha – City Police.

OOO Alpha – City Police /ACP/ founded by the International Non-Governmental Organization “International Association of Alpha Anti-Terror Unit Veterans” was registered in spring 1997. President of ACP Holding uniting five businesses is Igor Alexandrovich Senin.

Over the past few years, ACP has been actively extending business cooperation with residents of the former Soviet Union (Ukraine, Byelorussia) and foreign (Germany, China, Vietnam) countries. In 2006, ACP opened its representative office in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang – the headmost Southern province of the People’s Republic of China. Via this office, ACP provides services to entrepreneurs of both countries in direct trade and economic partnering; helps control order execution; provides for freight forwarding and protection; and facilitates organizing joint production in Russia and nearby republics.

Please see more detailed information on our activities in the relevant sections.

For contact information such as address, phones, and travel directions (How to find us), go to Contacts.

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